"I'm thrilled to see Rahul Patil offer all his great methods and services under one roof. Movement By Rahul Patil is a true sports clinic which is focussed and calming."
"Working out with Rahul is unlike any other fitness method I have followed. And I've been to atleast 7 different gyms in 12 years. What Rahul brings to fitness is pure and primal. It makes you alert, agile, fresh and responsive to any situation at work."
"My wrist pain was so terrible; I couldn't even turn the page of a newspaper. With a Holistic Corrective Exercise strategy, we were able to get my wrist not just pain-free but stronger as well."
"Massages are so important to someone who has an intense fitness routine. But the right massage is very rare to find. Thanks to Rahul Patil and his trainers, I can't imagine going back to the earlier styles of massage that I subjected my body to."
"I had a recurring neck pain and it was chronic. Every two days I would be in pain. I was in so much depression thanks to this kind of a life. Rahul was able to assess the situation, which no other physiotherapists had done for so long. It's hard to believe that this recurrent pain is gone from my life."