Sports Massage [Level - I] Certification
' You will not only learn the basics of Sports Massage Therapy but also Assessments for preparing a Sports Massage Plan for a Client.'

There are 2 types of Sports Massage
  1. Preparation & Recovery Sports Massage for before and after a Sports Event.
  2. Planned Therapeutic Massage for Pain Management or Injury Rehab.
Other very important aspects of Sports Massage will also be taught i.e
# How to implement Sports Massage and Assessments in Personal Training Practice.
# How to increase your Business or Monthly Income with Sports Massage.

"Sports Massage knowledge will open a new door of information in fitness. Its the knowledge of therapy that will help you look at Fitness from a different point of view and will help you in understanding your clients better."

What this does to you is, it immediately brings your professional image to another level, by which you can charge more and earn more form the existing clients and get many new opportunities.

"Today Sports Massage is steadily gaining popularity in India. Sports Massage is widely recognised as well as required as a part of Professional Sports Teams."

How to reach the goal of each individual client depends upon the assessment. Assessment is all about gathering detailed information. Every small detail is noted. Feedback of the client is the most important part of the Assessment and the Training.

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