BECOME A MOVEMENT THERAPIST with [Level - I] Certification in Movement Therapy

"Movement Therapy is Unique Approach of Fitness combined and designed by Rahul Patil."

Movement Therapy is a combination of Yoga, Resistance Training, Core Training, Breathing Exercises, Hormonal Mapping, Thai Yoga Techniques, Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Mobility Training, Myo Facial Release, Nero Linguistic Programming, Kinesio Taping, Therapeutic Massage, Different Types of Stretching e.g PNF or Dynamic or Static etc, along with the most important first step i.e Assessment.

"The aim is to find the Imbalances in Structural Alignment, Length & Strength of Muscle and work on creating a more balanced and stronger individual."

How to reach the goal of each individual client depends upon the assessment. Assessment is all about gathering detailed information. Every small detail is noted. Feedback of the client is the most important part of the Assessment and the Training.

"Training / Treatment program depends on the Assessment, which is often the best possible combination of all or some of the above."

"Movement Therapy is a result of Rahul's 18 year long career where he has grown from a Gym Instructor to a Movement Therapist." Today he consults and practices from his center as a Holistic Fitness Consultant and deals with Pain Management, Fitness & Fat Loss.

The reason for developing Movement Therapy was the repetitive success with his training & treatment with his clients who suffered from Pain or other Health issues. This repetitive success in his career helped him design Movement Therapy.

"Movement Therapy is excellent for General Population as well as Athletes."

The Modern Lifestyle has its own challenges and has given rise to certain traits. Movement Therapy is very successful in handling the problems arising out of Modern Lifestyle and also creating a Stronger and Efficient Athlete. Movement Therapy has been able to address Pain successfully and make clients #MovePainFree.

With Movement By Rahul Patil

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