"Physical Assessment leads to creating a more balanced, more stronger, more faster, more agile, more quicker athlete."

"Every Sport is a combination of Movement Patterns or has a Dominant Movement Pattern. Sports Training is all about understanding the Movement Patterns involved in the particular sport, understanding the Energy Systems required in the Sport and the kind of Nutrition you need to address the need for Strength, Endurance, Power, Speed, Recovery etc."

At Movement By Rahul Patil we address all the needs of Sportsman through our unique approach of Movement Therapy and Hormonal Mapping. Sports Conditioning is all about improving the efficiency of the athlete. We understand this very well and we take care that we give results which are measured on various parameters.

"To ensure that the athlete is benefitted we do a thorough Assessment of Posture, ROM, Strength, Strength Endurance, Power etc along with Hormonal Mapping for the Nutritional needs."

"Physical Assessment leads to creating a more balanced, more stronger, more faster, more agile, more quicker athlete."

This is achieved by Movement Therapy which is a combination of various therapies for addressing Alignment issues and Strength training focussed on improving the movement patterns specific to the athletes Sports.

Hormonal Mapping will help a Athlete looking to improve his Physical Efficiency by having the best Body Composition, by understanding the limiting factors in his or her Strength, Speed Or Agility gains.

At Movement by Rahul Patil, you get a unbeatable combination of Movement Therapy and Hormonal Mapping which addresses 360 degrees of Athletes needs or Holistically approaches all the needs of a Athlete.

Mental Conditioning - To address the Mental Conditioning needs, Rahul also provides NLP Techniques for conditioning the Mind for Sports.Rahul is a NLP Practitioner certified from Excelr8, UK.

Training with a Champion - Rahul has trained under David Haye as a Boxing Trainer in 2008. David Haye then was a 3 time World Cruiser Weight Champion and later went on to become the World Heavy Weight Champion(WBA).

Trained with the Best - Rahul recently in November2014 underwent training in BioPrint & Advanced Strength Program Design under World renowned Olympic Coach Charles Poliquin. At this Seminar Charles shared his Success Formula of "How to make a World Champion Athlete". He disclosed his experience of creating Winners. Charles Poliquin has produced hundreds of medals, wins and personal bests for many elite athletes in over 17 different sports including athletes from summer and winter Olympics, the NHL, NFL. He is known worldwide for producing faster and stronger athletes.