Our approach to Fitness is Simple. Its through Movement.

"Our body has been designed to Move and that is what we don't do much today." Even if we move we move only in certain limited ways. For exercising we choose to go to a gym with machines where we sit or lie down. We hardly play sports. "We think we move enough when we run on a treadmill or run on a road. But we actually run only in one direction. Our body is made to move in all directions." Our body is made to move and lift, move and pull. "Instead of challenging our bodies we limit our movement on machines to push and pull, hoping that we will get stronger and fitter. At the end we still suffer from pain and injuries." What we need to do is first understand the way our body is supposed to move and then make it stronger, faster, stable and flexible.

"At Movement by Rahul Patil we want to know how well you Move before we design a Exercise Plan for you. We want to know what your main objectives are so we can help you design a path to your Goal."