"Understanding FatGain is more important than losing Fat. Cause if you get it wrong in the beginning you will never get it right."
Our approach to FatLoss is to first understand why you have gained fat. It's simple "We want to know you Well before we can put you on a Journey called FatLoss". Everyone puts on Fat but everyone has a different reason for gaining fat. Our hormones play a important role in our health and wellness. One of the factors responsible for fatgain is Hormone. That is why it is first important to know the reasons for your fat gain. Have you heard or seen people having different body shapes, they are often referred to as a Apple shaped body or a Pear shaped body etc. Have you ever thought why people have different shapes and sizes, what influences these shapes and the fat deposits? Well the secret lies in the Hormones. Hormones are responsible for your Metabolism, Hormones are responsible for Digestion, Hormones are responsible for building Muscle, Hormones are responsible for making you feel Hungry, Hormones are responsible for making you feel Good, Happy or Sad. Hormones are responsible for us to be Healthy and in good Shape mentally and physically. Our body needs to maintain a fine balance of all these Hormones, any imbalance leads to disrupting of a certain important function and can lead to various changes physically and mentally. "Hormones are influenced by the Food we eat, How much we Sleep, Kind of Stress we are exposed to and the exposure to Toxins in our Life through Food, Cosmetics, Alcohol, Environment etc."

"At Movement By Rahul Patil we do a Hormonal Mapping to understand the exact reasons for you to gain Fat. Hormonal mapping will tell you the possible imbalances in your hormones, the possible stressing factors in your lifestyle, possible toxicity influence and if sleep or recovery is a factor in your fat gain. When you understand the exact reason for your fat gain, it becomes easy to chart a Map for helping you reach your FatLoss destination."

Hormonal Mapping will help for someone looking for FatLoss, or a Athlete looking to improve his Physical Efficiency by having the best Body Composition, by understanding the limiting factors in his or her Strength, Speed Or Agility gains. "Hormonal mapping can also help in preventing Type 2 Diabetes by understanding the Insulins role in depositing fat in the body."

People who may have the tendency to put on weight more because of the Insulin factor are the people who are at high risk of having lifestyle induced diabetes. Hormonal mapping is excellent for such high risk category people. Hormonal mapping can also identify people with high stress. The adrenal profile will suggest in making the necessary changes for such a individual. Typically these people will have a high risk of cardiovascular disease, can have high cholesterol, may suffer from less sleep or insomnia, may be prone to lung infections etc.

"At Movement By Rahul Patil Fat Loss is not just about losing Fat but its Much More. Its a Total Wellness Package."